Drop of Mindfulness | FEATURE: Josefine Bengtsson
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FEATURE: Josefine Bengtsson

We like to put the spotlight on people who have that certain something and this time the light shines upon Josefine Bengtsson. She’s a yoga instructor that travels the world to inspire people by setting up yoga retreats with her company Yogiakademin. She doesn’t just stick to yoga but also includes Vipassana meditation in her classes as she says yoga is more than just a physical practice.
While not holding classes she spends a lot of time behind her keyboard writing for Metro Mode. Not only that but she’s also just published her first book! It’s called “Yoga och meditation – Lär dig lyssna på din kropp“. With chapters like “Wake up”, “Focus” and “Heal” this is sure to be a page turner for all of you Drop of Mindfulness followers.
Follow Josefine at Metro Mode and on instagram