Drop of Mindfulness | INTERVIEW: Denise Nordén
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INTERVIEW: Denise Nordén

We sat down with the excellent and inspiring Denise Nordén to pick her brain about health and training. Here’s what she had to say.
Well-being for me is to have a healthy relationship to your everyday workout and food
What do you work with?
I work as a personal trainer.


What does well-being mean for you?
Well-being for me is to have a healthy relationship to your everyday work out and food.


Describe how you work out and take care of your body?
I lift free weights and do Crossfit on a daily basis.


Where do you take your fitness inspiration from?
My fitness inspiration comes from talented athletes that compete.


What is your biggest dream in life when it comes to fitness?
My dream is to be able to make a living on my fitness interest.


What is your best health/ fitness advice?
My best advice that I can give is that it is extremely important to do the type of work out that you enjoy and not to follow trends. Following trends never lasts in the long run.
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