Drop of Mindfulness | About
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Drop of Mindfulness started in the midst of New York City,
along with togetherness, yoga, dreams and a big vision.


Drop of Mindfulness is a yoga brand that since 2010 has developed activewear for women with an active lifestyle. Our philosophy is that workout activities should be fun and engaging. We encourage women to strive for the perfect balance between mind, body and soul.


Together with women all over the world we always meet the challenges ahead with a mindful approach and positive attitude.



Much like women in general our selection of bras come in many shapes and colors. The main focus of our line is to give the best support while adjusting to every body type and maintaining mobility.


With both leggings and workout shorts we’re able to cater to your preference. They both have a high waist and a tight fit in a soft breathable fabric to be as comfortable as possible in-between and during activities.


Our tops include everything from training jumpers to t-shirts to spaghetti tops with a built in bra. Everything made from breathable sweat-wicking material for optimal comfort and relief.


For the ones who want to be comfortable while staying active or in their leisure time. Sweatpants to loose crop tops designed to offer perfect balance between harmony and activity.

Founders Sofia Hellqvist and Carolina Phil


The Drop of Mindfulness founders, Sofia Hellqvist and Carolina Phil worked at Yoga to the People, a donation based yoga studio located in the East village. Here people from all different backgrounds came together to breathe for a moment, making yoga a natural part of their life.
After many yoga classes, long walks by the Hudson and endless discussions, Carolina and Sofia were united in the vision of a new yoga brand. Inspired by the colorful brands offered on the US market, the beautiful array of people in their yoga classes along with their Swedish background, Drop of Mindfulness was born in 2010.


»We saw a gap in the market when it comes to functional, colorful and inspiring yoga clothing. There were mostly loose, too dark colors and cotton styles being offered« says Carolina who has worked in the fashion industry for several years.


»We wanted to create a new brand, something that would inspire to a healthy living. Looking good inside and out« says Sofia, certified yoga teacher.


Drop of Mindfulness is driven by curiosity of answering, »What does a women want?« in combination with promoting a physical and mental healthy lifestyle.


Drop of Mindfulness donates a part of its revenue for the benefit of Project Playgrounds work with children and youth in disadvantaged areas in South Africa ́s township.


Project Playground provide free after school activities in a safe environment to let children be children and forget about the worries that often occur in these areas. Project Playground are convinced that trough organized sports, play and recreational activities, focusing on children’s self- belief and motivate them to want to care about their future, it will in the long run prevent problem as drugs, crime HIV, unemployment and violence.


Read more about Project Playground at www.project-playground.org